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Mommy, What Do You See When You Look At Me?

Mommy, What Do You See When You Look at Me is an endearing story of true love expressed between a mother and daughter. An inquisitive daughter challenges her mom to answer her questions. She receives her mother's adoring words describing the characteristics that make her daughter a unique and special person. There are beautiful attributes about the daughter that are easy to see. But this mom helps her daughter see the characteristics that are beyond exterior beauty. Readers will take a journey with characters who express the purest form of love in existence; it is the love between a parent and child. This story will leave moms and daughters with a yearning to share an embrace and a desire to have a similar conversation of their own. This is a perfect bookshelf item for any young girl. Mothers and daughters will love reading this story together again and again. This story is a great confidence booster for girls and will help them understand that there is so much more to a person than what the eyes can see. This book is ideal for moms and daughters to read together and will appeal to those who share this special type of bond.
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