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The STEAM Chasers: We Made That Paperback – July 20, 2019

What seemed an ordinary homework assignment turned into a life changing adventure for Shar, Terrence, Ebony, Akiya, Marcus, and Chase as they take a scavenger hunt through town finding the contributions Black Americans have had to our everyday lives in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Things are moving well until one phone call sends a cascade of things in motion that results in the frightening wail of sirens screaming down the street. How will the STEAM Chasers get out of this mess? Can the group use what they have learned from the inventors and thinkers they have met on their journey to help themselves and other kids that might encounter a similar situation?The STEAM Chasers will take you on a wild ride into the world of inventors and great thinkers, discovering their patents and copyrights as you learn about the impact Black Americans have made and continue to make to our world. From the folding chair to the automatic elevator door, the STEAM Chasers will introduce you to more than a dozen Black American inventors. And, don't worry, this is just the first adventure in their journey! Meet the STEAM Chasers!Shar loves all things chemistry and food science. She is quick witted and fiercely brave. Terrence is the mild mannered voice of reason who loves environmentalism as well as model building and mechanical engineering.Ebony is full of deep contemplation as she shares her love of all things astronomy and astrophysics and introduces the group to Greek and Roman mythology to help explain the constellations in our night sky.Akiya is a walking encyclopedia - who needs to ask their phone for answers when you have a friend with an almost photographic memory that is a prolific reader?Marcus is one half of the dynamic cousin duo known as "Lightning and Thunder". He is an expert on drones and loves all emerging technology.Chase is the "Thunder" side of the ever hilarious cousin duo and loves all things computer science - from programming to app design. This middle grade novel will delight readers as they find relatable characters who see the world through a similar lens to their own.
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